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Samson C. Turtle

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Join the wise and adorable Samson C. Turtle for an underwater adventure of the most important variety. 

Life in the ocean can be anxiety-inducing in more ways than one. But at 102 years young, Samson might just have the answer...

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Recommended ages: for 0 - 6yrs old

Author: Clare Flory

Illustrator: Lily Uivel

What is this picture book about? 

Samson C. Turtle is one of the most wise and wonderful creatures in the sea and he's keen to share just why. At a sprightly 102 years young, he's learnt a thing or two about how to manage fear and anxiety ... but what might that be? 

Whatever it is, his friends certainly need it. From meeting a whale whose eyes are glistening with tears, to a great salmon fish who can't overcome his fears, Samson's friends are plagued by something that only he has the answer to. 

What is it? And what sage advice can Samson offer? 

This visually stunning yet naturally calming book is perfect for any little one who has experienced anxiety and wants to understand how to best address it. 

Praise for Samson C. Turtle

"This book is essential reading for little readers looking to understand their emotions and how to tend to them." Momoe Picturebook

"Children need stories like this that speak to the deeper concepts of why they feel the way they do." Childosophy

An excerpt from the story

Under the waves is where you will meet, Samson C. Turtle on Sea Turtle Street.
Samson was wise at one hundred and two, if there was a problem, he knew what to do.

Along came a whale with tears in his eyes, all of the fish were scared by his size.

“How can I stop feeling sad?” asked Whale.

Samson knew how with a flick of his tail.

Salt and seawater and into the blue, Samson C. Turtle knew just what to do! Close your eyes softly, breathe through your nose, fill up your lungs and wiggle your toes. Let out a breath and count one, two, three... 

Yippee! Whale was happy! 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Jodie Kelly

Loving the illustrations and the message in these books

Beautiful illustrations

This is a beautiful illustrated book with a lovely story about Samson the turtle . I purchased for my grandsons and the just love this book . There is so much detail on each page

Jen Sternbeck
Samson C Turtle

Awesome book
Great customer service
Am very happy with my purchase!

Lu Smith

I bought this book to read to my almost-4 grandson who is going through some tough times emotionally. It has been extremely difficult to just sit and relax with him and bedtimes have been horrendous. He does love a surprise, though, so he lay down in his bed with my daughter and was mesmerised from the first page. He fell asleep as soon as she turned to the last page. It has to go in the car all the time but he will not take it into the doctor in case he loses it!
I cannot say enough, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Carolyn Sim
Samson C Turtle

My little grandson has Autism and suffers from anxiety. This book will help him overcome a lot of things he worries about.

Julie Hoolahan
Samson G Turtle

I found the book very good and gave a way of little ones to learn to stop and breathe before moving on.

Rebecca Roche

Fantastic book and I plan to use it with my class.

kaylene middleton

Samson c turtle

Lena Mannerstrale
Beautiful book

I bought Samson C. Turtle as a 1st birthday gift and I loved it so much that I have also ordered Remembering Mother Nature. The soft cover book is good quality, the paper is lovely, the illustrations are gorgeous and the storyline is very important.

sandi luxford
Samson. C Turtle

Absolutely beautiful book with a great story that supports children in working through their emotions.

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