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Forget Me Not

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Oh, this one is really precious! A gentle and endearing tale about the eternal bond between a child and their furry friend, and the highs and lows of life.    

Recommended ages: for 0 - 7yrs old

Author: Carolyn O'Boyle

Illustrator: Lucy McLoughlin

Format: Hardcover

What is this picture book about? 

Is there any love greater than the love we have for our pets? They accompany us through thick and thin, through winter's blizzards to summer's scorching heat. But what happens when they can no longer be by our side?

From the moment Rose is born, her faithful dalmation, Dotty, is by her side. She accompanies her through all of life's major milestones, from learning to walk to starting school. The pair form an inseparable bond as one season flutters into the next, and then the next.

But as Rose begins to grow up, it seems that Dotty just can't keep up.

This heartwarming story shows just how much our pets mean to us, and how they are there for us no matter what. It also shows just how precious memories can be!

An excerpt from the story

As the break of morning light drew a brand-new dawn,
Dotty lay by Rose’s side from the moment she was born.
She took her first steps stumbling with Dotty by her side
and on the day she started school, Dotty was her guide.
Both girls loved adventure and they loved the woods the best,
for every season in the woods, they felt like special guests.

They ventured to the woods each spring with blossoms swirling round,
and all the blooming blossoms made a swishing, whishing sound.
Sparrows chirped and fluttered by to join in their fun
while Rose and Dotty leapt and chased each other in the sun.

And through the years they played amongst the cherry blossom trees,
the magic dust from Rose’s mind whooshed up those memories.

Each summer, grass was growing as they squeaked along the ground
while all the sun-kissed apples made a clattering, rattling sound.
Bees were busy buzzing, weaving in and out again
while Rose and Dotty skipped and rolled amongst the summer rain.

And through the years they played amongst the rosy apple trees,
the magic dust from Rose’s mind whooshed up those memories...

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