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1% for the Planet Partnership

When we started Ethicool, it was never about how big we could grow or how many books we could sell.

It was about how many conversations we could ignite with little ones about how to make the world a better place.

It was also about how we could leverage the commercial success of our business to invest in the causes that matter to us, and to our loyal readers across the world.

This is how we discovered 1% for the Planet, an organisation whose members have donated more than $US250 million to environmental causes, including incredibly successful efforts like the Seabin Project

Whether Ethicool is profitable or not, we donate 1% of our gross revenue to 1% FTP and we even get a genuine say over where these funds go, ensuring they're invested in the causes that most directly align to our values.

Over the months and years ahead, we'll be sharing the details of the environmental organisations and efforts our revenue - your purchases and investments - have supported, so we can all share in the collective success.

And that success is a better, cleaner, and healthier planet for our children, and the generations that follow them.