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Make Storytime Meaningful with Children’s Books About Morals

How do you teach right from wrong? How do you help your little ones grow up and understand what’s important not only for them, but for people and the planet? 

Helping our children navigate the thousands of decisions they have to make every day can be a challenge. But as parents and carers, our role is to give them the very best start in understanding how to best make decisions about what is right for them, while also caring for others besides themselves. 

Our gorgeous books that teach a moral lesson help you do just that. Through an unwavering focus on personal responsibility, our beautifully illustrated and enchantingly written stories help little ones see themselves as the superhero in the story, while understanding how their decisions affect others. Designed to encourage empathy and worldliness, our children’s story books with a message help you and your little ones navigate the difference between right and wrong in a fun, relatable yet inspiring way. 

How do Ethicool’s stories teach a moral lesson?

Each and every one of Ethicool’s books presents kids with a choice, and that is: should I do the right thing for myself, those around me, and the planet today? Our books are designed to help children understand that they, personally, can make a meaningful difference by being bold, brave and standing up for what they believe in. 

For example, in our heartwarming book Simon and the Sad Salad, our main character, Asha, is faced with an important choice: should she share what she has, knowing that Simon doesn’t have enough, even though no one else is? She challenges the status quo and makes the inspiring choice - a choice which Ethicool, through all of our books, encourages young ones to make. 

Another gorgeous story that teaches kids an important moral lesson is our critically acclaimed book,Stuart French’s Remembering Mother Nature. In the story, children see the world from the perspective of Mother Nature, admiring all of her beautiful creations, but also seeing the destruction that humans have caused. Ultimately though, your little ones become the hero in the story by choosing to protect the forests and clean the oceans in what has been described as the ultimate kids’ book about nature.

Why do Ethicool create children’s books with a message?

Created by two parents with one big dream, Ethicool Books started as an experiment to help our own little ones understand that they can make a difference in the world if they want to. 

As one of the world’s only publishing houses dedicated to both a sustainable message and sustainable publishing, Ethicool’s mission is to inspire the next generation to care deeply about people and the planet - and to grow up and become the change they want to see. 

We bring together some of the world’s most talented and unique authors and illustrators to the world children’s books with important messages. Within the pages of every single Ethicool book children will find inspiring stories that help them not only fall in love with reading and learning, but fall in love with the idea that they can be their own little superhero.