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Bring your creative idea to life and earn regular royalties

Become a children's book author

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Delight children all over the world with your book

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Are you a talented storyteller who wants to make a difference? If so, you're in the right place.

The joy of publishing a children's book knows no bounds. As an Ethicool author, you will:

> Get the chance to bring your beautiful creative idea to life with one of the world's fastest growing publishers

> Work with the world's most talented illustrators, at no cost to you. Ethicool is a traditional publisher, so, if your story is commissioned, we cover the cost of illustration, design, printing and most importantly: marketing of your book to a worldwide audience.

> See your book online and in bookstores and major retailers globally. Ethicool has multiple global distribution deals in place.

> Earn royalties. You will be paid commission every quarter for every sale made.

Ethicool's mission

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New stories for the next generation

Have you written the same old story, with the same old message, that was read to you as a child? If so, you might need to take it elsewhere.

Ethicool is home of inspiring, magical and unique children's books that inspire the next generation. We pair exceptional stories with world-class illustrators, and then we distribute our books to every corner of the globe.

We believe in the entertainment and literacy value of children's books. But more than that, we believe they can inspire a generation. We're looking for manuscripts which are as beautiful as they are inspiring, as meaningful as they are memorable.

Submission guidelines

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We generally don't like rules. But alas, there has to be some.

In order for your manuscript to be considered, please ensure you abide by the below submission guidelines:

1. You understand Ethicool's mission and style. Generally, we recommend purchasing an Ethicool book or two to help with this.

2. Your manuscript is 1000 words or less.

3. Your book is written for children aged 8 years or younger.

4. Your book is intended to be a picture story book.

5. You have thoroughly edited your manuscript (no typos, please!).

6. Your book hasn't been published elsewhere (including self-published).

7. If your book is successful in being published, you're more than happy to promote it.

Submission and publishing FAQs

A: DEFINITELY. We cover the costs of illustration, design, printing, and most importantly of all: marketing your book and distributing it around the world.

A: At the moment we publish approximately 12 new titles a year, but this number is ever-climbing.

A: We prefer Word document submissions. You are welcome to submit a query letter, as well.

A: You absolutely will! We endeavour to get back to all authors within 6 weeks. More details of our shortlisting process are available once you submit your manuscript.

A: YES. In fact most of our authors are first-time authors, we LOVE finding and supporting new talent.

A: Not right now, but we may in the future.

A: We sure do!

A: Absolutely!

A: Typically, no. However, if you'd like to submit an illustrated book, these are still accepted.

A: Yes, we do. Please use the email address to make contact and submit your folio to our team. 

A: We sure do! Book your manuscript assessment here, now!

Ready to submit your manuscript?

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Here's what you need to do...

Once you're sure your submission is ready and meets all of the guidelines you've read above, simply email it to our editorial team via!