As a publisher, I hate it when authors do these 5 things ... and love this one.

by Teigan Margetts on

When Ethicool looks for authors, what do they look for? Discover our criteria with their revealing and surprising post from Ethicool's founder, Teigan.

What does it really feel like to have depression?

by Teigan Margetts on

What does it really feel like to have depression? We chat in detail with Riley M. Rodgers, the author of a beautiful new children's book on depression.

Authors, take note. Here's what we've learnt from the Bee Ethicool Author Competition

by Leanne Lim on

The deadline has come and gone on our Bee Ethicool Author Competition. Here's what we've learnt from reviewing over 2000 manuscripts.

How to write AND illustrate a truly inspiring children's book

by Teigan Margetts on

Ever heard of Maurice Sendak?!? Of course you have, because he's the most famous children's author of all time (and honestly, who doesn't love Where the Wild Things Are?). But...

How to get published as a first-time author

by Teigan Margetts on

How do you get published as a first-time author? In this revealing interview with author Georgina Le Flufy, she reveals what she did and provides five handy tips...

How to create a winning children's book plot

by Leanne Lim on

Creating a plot for your children's picture story book may sound easy, but it can be more complex than you think. Here is a comprehensive guide on how...

How to birth a baby and a children's book, all in the same year!

by Teigan Margetts on - 1 Comment

Getting published as a first-time author is challenging enough. But how about getting published as a first-time author, and in the same year, having your first baby?

A quiet chat with Stuart French

by Romane de Beer on

Ethicool's Editor, Romane de Beer, sits down with Stuart French for a candid heart-to-heart.

Why we're disrupting the time-honoured legacy of kids' books

by Stuart French on - 1 Comment

The millions of hours taken by parents across the world to read to their children are almost always magical and theatrical, and yet they can be purposeful, too.