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The Bee Ethicool Author Competition Shortlist

Wowee, what an incredible few weeks we’ve had! We have been completely and utterly chuffed that so many amazing authors from all over the world have trusted us with their beautiful words. In many ways, we wish we could publish every single manuscript that comes our way, and we can see that there are so many deserving people out there. 

Alas, though, we cannot. And for the inaugural Bee Ethicool Author Competition, we really were looking for our next bestseller. The next book that will grace the shelves of thousands - if not millions - of little ones from every corner of the globe. The next award-winning, much-celebrated book. 

And we think we may have found it. 

But ultimately, we want you to be the judge. 

So... let's recap how we got here: a few weeks ago, we shared some gorgeous illustrations from the hand of Francisco Fonseca (you can see them here) and we asked you to "create a story around them". 

And... well, you certainly delivered. 

We’re beyond excited to present you with four incredible manuscripts that our editorial team has carefully selected from the thousands we’ve received. We believe each is beautiful, inspiring and very publishable in its own unique way. So now it’s time to hand over to you, our dear audience. Here are four wonderful aspiring Ethicool authors, four gorgeous stories, and four reasons why each of those stories are special. 

Read each carefully, and cast your vote for the story you’d most like to read. 

Then, expect to see the final masterpiece for real in early 2022!

The winner will be announced at 9:00pm (GMT+10) Sunday May 16th, 2021 (voting closes one hour prior).

PS. Are you keen for your book to be published by Ethicool? We highly recommend undergoing a manuscript assessment to give yourself the best chance. More info here.


The fine print: 
  • Only ONE vote per person (our system is automatically invalidating fraudulent votes, alongside our tech team who are performing additional manual validations).
  • You may only vote for ONE manuscript.
  • Votes cast outside of the voting timeframe are invalid.
  • Authors who attempt to falsely boost their vote count will have their manuscripts disqualified.
  • Ethicool reserves the right to extend or reduce the voting timeframe at its discretion. 


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